Mr. Wickens has been an Instructor and Advisor for the last ten years, at the Faculty of Education, Brock University.  Mark feels it has been an absolute highlight of his career.  He says it has been a privilege to teach the new teacher educators in Ontario to be the best they can be and to prepare them for the classrooms of the 21st century.

Prior to that, Mark was an elementary school administrator and educator from the Halton District School Board, where he taught for thirty-one years. He is best known for being the co-developer and co-odinator of the Special Athlete Track Meet for Physically Challenged Athletes'.  That event has run in Halton, every June for over 30 years as of 2018.

Mr. Wickens' Master of Education Degree focused on International Education and Self Directed International Field Placements.  He also focused on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).  He researched pedagogical practices that were engaging for post secondary classrooms and lecture theaters.  

Mr. Wickens holds Additional Qualification Specialist Certifications in Physical Education, Environmental Science and ESL.  He also has Additional Qualifications in Special Education, Entrepreneurship and Guidance.

Mark's pedagogical practice has been influenced by highly renowned researchers.  You will find their work under various tabs on this web page:

     - Michael Fullan's work on "New Pedagogies for Deep   
       Learning for Global Impact"
     - Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and the Future of  
     - Alfie Kohn's work on Assessment
     - Robert Marzano's work on Researched Based High  
       Yield Strategies
     - Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence
     - Parker Palmer on Teaching With Heart
     -  Nel Noddings on the Ethics of Care
     - Jim Cummins on Language Learning Theories
     - Howard Gardener on Multiple Intelligence's
     - Rita Dunn on Learning Styles
     - Nancie Atwell on Readers Writers Workshop
     - and Jeanne Gibbs work on Classroom Culture.

Mr. Wickens' passion for the last ten years has been working with students on international education initiatives. 

Mark has taken students on International Field Placements  to Cape Town, South Africa on two occasions for Brock's Faculty of Education. He was very privileged to present lectures at the Faculty of Education, University of Cape Town. His presentations were on Education Initiatives in the Halton District School Board, and Teaching with a Tribes Culture in the Ontario Classroom.

Mr. Wickens has been the ESL Practicum Supervisor for the the Brock University, Teacher Continuing Education Courses multiple times.  Mark has also taught courses for many years to teachers in various Boards of Education throughout China.  He specializes in presenting western teaching strategies and focuses on oral communication skills through drama, music and games.    

At present, Mr. Wickens is the CEO of Inspiration International Education Ltd. He specializes in recruiting teachers for two reputable agencies, to the Southwest and the Southeast of London, England (more on this is available under the International Education Tab)

He is also the DIRECTOR of Nobleton Education International Ltd. He and his team support English speaking teachers to find teaching opportunities throughout China (Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian, Zhangzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen). 

Nobleton also recruits Chinese students to come to Canada to enroll in the Halton District School Board High Schools.  Nobleton International also delivers online English programming and sets up international ESL summer camps.  


Faculty of Education
Brock University, 
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

3P00: Foundations of Curriculum

Department of Education

8D09: Principles & Practices for Professional Certification
          and Field Placement Supervisor

8F08: Curriculum Methods - Consecutive Students

8P16: Curriculum Methods - Concurrent Students

8Y30: Intercultural and International Education
          Field Placement Advisor in Cape Town South Africa

Department of Continuing Teacher Education
Additional Qualification Ministry of Education Courses

Special Education Part 1 (Online)

ESL Part 1 -  Field Placement Supervisor in China



Special Education Recognition Award
Halton District School Board

Award of Merit for Special Education
Halton District School Board 

Award of Distinction for Special Education 
for developing "Special Athlete Track Meet"
Halton District School Board 

Faculty of Education Award for Teaching Excellence
Brock University

Clarke Thomson Award for Pedagogical and Technological Innovation
Brock University


I have been privileged to have had many supportive mentors and individuals that supported my educational journey. This exciting career path would not have been possible without you.  I would like to publicly recognize you here.

Brock University 
At Brock I have had many colleagues that have been amazing mentors and have  given me amazing opportunities.  The students have been a pleasure to support. It continues to be a privilege to stay in touch with many of you.

Dr. Hilary Brown 
Dr. Brown provided me with the opportunity to teach at Brock. For that, I will be forever grateful. 

Professorial Mentors: 
Dr. Dolana Mogadime, Dr. Mary-Louise Vanderlee, Dr. David Hutchison were academic colleagues who supported my Master of Education studies.  They were the mentors that inspired me and made completing a Masters possible.

Academic Colleagues: 
Dr. Candace Figg, Dr. Ruth Scott, Dr. Cathy Miyata, Dr. Gail Phillips, Dr. Sheila Bennett, Dr. Sharon Abbey, Dr. Mogadime, Giselle White, Dr. Remo Persutti, Cathy Bauslaugh, Ingrid Goertz, and Cathy Rose, were amazing colleagues and outstanding partners that participated in design and delivery of engaging programing at the Faculty of Education. I learned a significant amount from each one of you during our collaborations.

International Education Colleagues:
My International Education colleagues have been a constant source of inspiration.  Thank you to Cheryl Ende, Paul Logan and James Savelli for your wonderful leadership in taking students on international ESL field placements and for providing constant mentorship.

Halton DSB
Thanks to Directors Wayne Joudrie, Stuart Millar and Superintendents Al Greyson, David Boag, Brenda Kearney, and Coordinators Sue Amos, Deb Wood and Susan Pritchard for being outstanding role models and for supporting the Special Athlete Track Meet initiative. Along with our leadership team (Linda Leppek, Corinne Stratford, Leslie Davis, Barry Koepke, Alison Pabst, and Steve Morrison) and the whole Halton Special Education staff, we were able positively impact thousands of physically challenged students. 

Thank you also to the many Trustees and SEAC members who supported this venture in our first 20 years and for always coming to support the students at the event. There are so many of you to thank.  You know who you are. Please  know I am very appreciative.

Thanks to the board staff that continue to support this event in the future.  

Principal Partners and Educators
Thanks to Jeff Blackwell and Mike Hawkins who were outstanding administrative partners. They were significant role models who taught me what was important to know as a principal leader.  Thank you to Jeff who gave me the opportunity to run my own school. 

Thank you to Apple Distinguished Educator Chuck Phillips who has been a constant source of inspiration on the future of technology in schools.

Most Important of All
Finally, I would like to thank my family, Trudy, Chris and Scott for supporting my academic initiatives and roles.  Without their patience and understanding, I would not have been able to support my staff and students to the extent that I did. I would not have been able to accomplish  what I have achieved to this point without your support. Thanks so much!

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