A Guide to Effective Assessment and Instruction For ALL STUDENTS

Kgdn to Grade 12 ...and beyond!!!

Check out how to diversify program in this outstanding resource guide

Differentiate by manipulating the CONTENT, PROCESS AND PRODUCT ...and More

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Brock University Posting

From the Heart "What do we do?"​ 

7 Actions to Combat Islamophobia

Check out these strategies to see what you can do to

From the Diversity Advocacy Standing Committee of Faculty Board (DASC)

Published on February 01 2017

Click for posting here:  From the Heart.  What Can We Do?

Diversity Policy

Click Here For: Equity and Inclusivity Education  
                          Policy and Implementation


Gender And Diversity

In our Methods Class, Faculty of Education, Brock University, we have been working on Diversity and Differentiation. 
Take a look at this article on Gender and Success at School. 
Boys are behind girls academically across the grades our statistics revealed in class last week. 
Have a look at this article from the Economist

Howard Gardener's Multiple Intelligences: 

What Does the Research Say?
Check this article out to look at Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles and how they differ.

Click Here For: Multiple Intellignces and Learning Styles. What Does the Research Say?
from eduTopia:  April 4, 2016


Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles

Complimentary Approaches in the Classroom

This researched based journal article compares Howard Gardiner's Multple Intelligences with Rita Dunns's, Learning Styles.  There are several excellent charts

The chart on page108 is very interesting look at how they are both complimentary.  
They are complimentary strategies that can be used simultaneously!
Click here for the the journal article: http://projects.cbe.ab.ca/central/altudl/FILES/Multiple_Intellegences_Learning_styles.pdf 


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