Monday, 27 January 2014

50 Reasons why they are useful! 

By Terry Heick

Have a look!

Click here: Smart Phones


  1. This post should be must read for all teachers who are using smartphones as part of their teaching repertoire, who are planning to do so or who are still sadly waging a losing battle in keeping these devices out of the classroom. With the many ideas presented here, there is certainly something here for every teacher along the spectrum that I have outlined in very simplistic terms. These devices would certainly bring the world into the classroom and, more importantly, allow students an opportunity to be part of both the teaching and the learning process. Student would become more engaged and many of them would be able to share the tremendous wealth of information they already know and apply this for authentic purposes. As the old saying goes, "If you cant't beat them, join them." This is one tech device that needs to be embraced for its countless educational potential.

  2. Thanks Giselle.
    You have certainly captured the essence of the article and challenged us to understand how to implement and plan for this kind of technology in our unit plans and classroom lessons.

    Excellent reflection to promote a dialogue on this high yield strategy!