Saturday, 28 March 2015

Technology Implementation in Schools - Here's How!

Principal at Gatestone School 

tweeted out a wonderful reflective blog entry on 

how to develop and implement a Technology Plan in your 


Click the link below to see the whole article. 

  • Build a shared vision –  This is vital if the goal is a sustained, cross-curricular application on a routine basis. Especially when you leave the school.
  • Develop a strategic plan backed by action – Why is this change needed? How will it be implemented? What resources are needed? How will we monitor progress and evaluate on a consistent basis? What other challenges have to be overcome? 
  • Access matters – During the planning process it is imperative that there is a critical analysis of existing infrastructure. 
  • Ensure ongoing professional development – I cannot overstate the importance of this suggestion enough.  Teachers need training on how to develop pedagogically sound lessons and quality assessments aligned to higher standards.  They also need to be exposed to a variety of tools and ways that they can be seamlessly integrated to support specified learning outcomes. School leaders need professional learning opportunities that assist them to effectively observe and evaluate digital learning in classrooms.   Professional development should be ongoing and embedded throughout the school year.
  • Monitor with intent – The vision and planning process provides the focus, but consistent monitoring helps to ensure sustainable change leading to transformation.  School leaders need to consistently monitor and provide feedback on digital learning activities through observations, evaluations, walk-throughs, and collecting artifacts.  
  • Provide support – Throughout the initial implementation stages, and well after the initiative gains steam, ongoing support needs to be provided. Support comes in many ways such as empowering teachers to be innovative, giving up control, being flexible, encouraging risk-taking and providing a budget.
  • Model the way – To put it simply, don’t expect others to do what you will not. Attempt to model at a basic level the expectations that you have when it comes to digital learning. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and work along side your colleagues. 
Excellent synopsis. Check it out. 

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