Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Wellness  is a very important topic we are looking at for both students and teachers.

Getting the appropriate amount of sleep every night is crucial for effective decision making for leaders, teachers and students.

Check out this Harvard Review to find out why and what we need to do to address it.

Click this link for:  Effective Leadership and Sleep

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  1. When will we begin to value sleep? Why do we think that bragging about how little sleep we got is something to be proud of? When we think about the rising mental health crisis in our schools, why would we not begin with ensuring every child has the opportunity to get adequate sleep? Later start times in schools, helping parents understand that devices need to be out of bedrooms, adequate exercise, no late night practices and travel - all important structural pieces.

    If we really value wellness and learning, as leaders we need to model the importance of sleep. Thanks for sharing this evidence.