Saturday, 26 January 2019

The Fraser Report.  
It's only a snapshot of a schools performance. 

Administrators and teachers love getting data on their school to focus on improving performance.  Educators are constantly reflecting on their lesson methodology and student performance to improve upon their professional practice.

New teacher candidates start looking at the process of reflection very early in their first term at my Faculty of Education.

The Fraser Report does not tell the whole story as explained in this article. Be a critical consumer of such reports.

Find out more about a school by:
- visiting it with the administrator
- chat with the students and parents
- look at the web page
- check out social media and news sources
- check out the intramural programs and clubs
- talk to teachers 

I have seen great schools get low ratings and damage community perceptions.
I have heard students say they are from the "bad school and they are the dummy kids".
That is just tragic and unforgivable.   These results, when carelessly published,  can harm student self-image and confidence.

Parents who are not aware of other factors, that can influence scores, can even pick communities and home purchases based on these results. 

When I get into schools with lower scores, I have found this:
- Incredible collaborative inspiring administrators
- Creative engaging teachers
- Wonderful special academic programs addressing special needs
- Outstanding intramural programs
- Awesome parent volunteers and School Councils
- and amazing students doing their best!

Read this article to find out more.

Click here for: The Fraser Report: What Researchers Say

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